We are a group of passionate people from informative speech ideas various walks of life that are united by their love for branding and its ability to create everlasting customer experiences. Krayd is an independent, global branding company that provides end-to-end solutions that help comedy essay topics businesses transform their brands and leave an unforgettable impression on their target audience.

We are strategists, marketers, designers, relationship managers, communication specialists and dreamers that are hard at work creating a new identity, language and ecosystem for our clients. Strong believers in storytelling and the ability of brands to drive action, we have set out on a journey to define breakthrough brand experiences that communicate, resonate, and elevate.

Our philosophy to branding, or Tribranding as we like to call it, consists of of an equilateral triangle with the prospective customer at the incentre and the key branding characteristics – namely design, voice and engagement as the end-points.Learn more about Tribranding.


We believe that every brand has a story to tell. We work with you closely (almost obsessively) to help you write your brand’s story, your vision and mission, and positioning.

Brand Identity & Design

A strong and sound brand needs a face, body, feelings, and voice that appeal to its audience. We help you shape your brand’s visual identity, communications, and guidelines.

Brand Experience

Seeing is not experiencing. A real experience involves all five senses, and creates an urge to engage. We create your brand’s experience through your digital and offline presence.