The Partnership

Breeze is a unique and revolutionary smart inhaler for Medical Cannabis. Resolve Digital Health, the company behind Breeze believes strongly in the use of technology to provide cutting-edge solutions to the medical industry as well as the end-consumers. Medical Marijuana, though legalized, still happens to be a non-conventional topic of discussion. It was very important that Breeze Smart Inhaler, Resolve’s first step towards fulfilling their vision, was established and perceived as the ultimate coming together of healthcare and technology.

Krayd had already worked with the team behind Breeze to design the brand identity of the parent brand – Resolve Digital Health. When we came onboard for Breeze, we were already well versed with the vision of Resolve and were ready to take it to market with end to end branding and packaging for their first product!

The Brand Ideation

Since we had already understood the philosophy behind Resolve, we had a direction in our heads where we wanted to go with Breeze Smart Inhaler. Though Cannabis is legalized for medical purposes and increasingly for recreational purposes, there is still some hesitation associated with it. Additionally, medical marijuana is complicated in its procurement, quality check and consumption. Breeze Smart Inhaler and its accompanying mobile application and pods are designed to solve all those problems, making Breeze a blessing in disguise for consumers of medical Marijuana.

Teams of experts from Krayd and Resolve went through intense strategic discussion sessions to come up with a comprehensive strategy for the launch and marketing of Breeze. What resulted was a very strong ecosystem of multiple platforms around medical Marijuana, that was designed to establish Breeze as a thought leader as well as THE technology-focused solution provider to choose for.

Krayd was involved with Resolve and Breeze right from the inception of the parent brand, to the development and the launch of the first product. We came up with a synergistic brand identity for Breeze that’s close to its parent brand and runs right through the ethos of the product itself, the application, the packaging, and all other properties associated with the brand.

Making It Work

The engagement between Krayd and Resolve for Breeze went beyond the definition of a traditional branding project. At Krayd, we like to call it an Experience Design project.

Krayd created a unique ecosystem to support the Breeze Inhaler and Smart Pods. We designed 3 unique platforms which are an essential part of experiencing the product that is Breeze Smart Inhaler. Breeze Nation is a unique social media app to connect patients using Breeze, Breeze Life is a lifestyle magazine and blog for patients, and Breeze Learn is a dispensary support application to train employees. Together, this creates an ecosystem that keeps patients invested and engaged as soon as they purchase the Smart Inhaler.

The engagement began with the design of a logo, which was based on the elements of air, relief, health and technology. This was the core messaging that we then extended into the design of the product’s packaging – the box and carry bags, marketing collateral including brochures and booklets, and the design of their stores.

We designed a full-fledged website for Breeze, which also focuses upon the simplicity and calmness of a healthcare related brand, along with the color and pop that technology adds to it. We also designed the websites and mobile apps for Breeze Nation, Breeze Life and Breeze Learn – the 3 other pivots of the Breeze ecosystem.

Through this engagement Resolve was able to successfully launch the product and build a community of dedicated users that strongly believes in the Breeze philosophy.