Tribranding is our proprietary approach towards branding. Developed through years of our experience, it places a brand’s target audience at the core, and aims to encapsulate them through a consolidated three-pronged design, voice and engagement focused brand strategy.

A Brand’s Target Audience

Placed dead in the center of an equilateral triangle is the incentre – the point of intersection of of all the three angle bisectors. This is where we place the target audience – equidistant and accessible from all the 3 branding end-points.

1. A Brand’s Design

A result of long discussions with our clients, their brand design is the visual manifestation of their brand strategy – everything that they stand for as an organization.

2. A Brand’s Voice

Mere visual appeal stopped working for brands many years back. A brand’s voice and communication helps it capture the audience’s attention and establish 2-way communication.

3. A Brand’s Engagement

A modern brand needs to be engaging – closely involving both customers and internal stakeholders in meaningful discussions.

When the brand’s 3 elemental end-points come together, they create the unique experience required to capture the target s imagination.