The Partnership

Much like us at Krayd, the team at Insticator aim to create engaging content that grasp the viewer’s attention. There was a great understanding to create a branding that communicated the idea of instigating something.

We understood the aim of such engaging content was to invite or initiate action among the audience. Thus came about the joining of hands to build a brand identity that was a simple representation of initiation. The upside here is that Insticator shared our enthusiasm to create something captivating, fun and innovative.

The Brand Kraytion

Having worked very closely with the team at Insticator, we were given the creative liberty to derive a brand identity based on our understanding of the overall process. We realized the best way to go about it would be to base it around the most desired function of an advertisement – to instigate “action” or a “process” around something that is engaging.

The design was focused around the concepts of movement and flow; anything that signified the idea of an action and so on. We understood the team’s vision of creating flow of action through engaging content. Engagement thus, instigates action.

The idea was to deliver an identity that was relative of this process, or this flow. Something that conveyed action in terms of movement. Using simple design elements in the form of lines we were able to communicate this quite effectively.

Making It Work

Having understood the working behind Insticators work, we were able to effectively communicate the concept of engagement through a simple form of movement. Combining the company’s name within the brand along with a simple use of lines make for the best representation.

Keeping in mind having to use the brand within various channels such as digital, UI and physical collateral, we worked very closely with the team at Insticator to create a branding that communicates their culture and boasts high retention value.