The Partnership

Living in our modern synthetic island cities, we have completely lost our touch with nature. There are several lessons that our forefathers learned from the wild that we will probably never experience. However, nature-focused brand – Into The Wild – plans to change just that! It believes that Mother Nature is our greatest teacher and we are inherently connected to her on a spiritual level. By taking patrons on expeditions and sessions in the heart of the Earth, Into The Wild wants to build in them a mindset towards conservation of our forests and biodiversity by building in them a keen naturalist skill.

Krayd worked with Into The Wild to develop an experiential brand identity that would awaken the love of nature and scenes of the outside from people’s childhoods. The aim of the branding was to showcase every human’s intimate relationship with animals, wildlife, habitat and nature.

The Brand Ideation

The process behind the design of Into The Wild’s brand logo was as experiential and as passionate as the brand itself. The team from Krayd had detailed discussions with the team from Into The Wild and actually traveled close to Mother Nature for inspiration. There were many sessions of remembering memories from childhood and putting them on paper with all our feelings in the sketch. The imagery that we went with in the end can best be described as elements of human beings and animals coming together to form a tree, thereby combining all elements of nature into one cohesive living being. Each animal used as a part of the logo represents an endangered species that needs our saving, showcasing the element of conservation and preservation.

Coexist. Change. Conserve. These are the key messages from Into The Wild and the primary reason behind every element of the logo and brand identity being in a constant state of action, flux and motion.

Making It Work

Krayd designed the brand identity in terms of the logo and marketing collateral for Into The Wild. The brand since its inception has become a rich community of environment enthusiasts that are hard at work protecting our environment and wildlife and continue to live by the mantra of Coexist. Change. Conserve.

Krayting happy faces

It has been an absolute pleasure working with the team, they’re creative energy is palpable and constantly working to outdo itself. Not only do I respect but I’m entirely grateful for this passion as it goes a long way to bring out the best of our work as well.