The Partnership

One thing was clear from the get go. The logic behind the minds at Jumble data were fascinated with solving problems; making sense out of things that seemed difficult to comprehend by your regular average Joe.

Jumble Data were keen to create a brand that spoke the mind of making sense out of complexity; to find a solution in the midst of all the chaos. Something we, at Krayd are happy to oblige by. Taking into account this ideology, it was clear that Jumble data valued the importance of data and the role it could play in the market.

Krayd then joined hands with jumble data to create a unique identity that on first glance, spoke the ideology of making sense of new data and connections. A standard norm in their ecosystem.

The Brand Kraytion

Having worked closely with the team at jumble data, it was clear what they wished to communicate in terms of branding and design. We understood the thinking involved. The company wished to communicate their own working process to the public in a more abstract form.

The key here was to be direct but abstract at the same time so as to leave a bit of the interpretation up to the imagination of the audiences. Taking that into account, we made use of simple square shapes that represented blocks of data. Effectively using the color of aqua blue in the midst, we believe it did bode well with the overall concept of data.

The idea was to communicate three overall blocks of data coming together as one, hence the concept of “making sense of raw data”. The difference in the shades of blue were to signify various clusters coming together to form a pattern or a trend (a common term with regards to data analysis). Through this ideation, we believed that being abstract was the best way to put it out.

Making It Work

Keeping in mind the complexity of big data, we worked closely with the team at Jumble data to formulate something that spoke their mind more than anything else. Be it a representation on a big screen in terms of UI, renders and other working collateral.

We aimed to deliver a brand that did just that. Create a brand that represents the exact work culture of Jumble data and express the very essence of its overall workflow. A brand that is highly representational in terms of overall functionality to its customers through all the selected mediums.