The Partnership

The ideology behind the minds at momsmade was simple. fun cause and effect essay topicsTo tap into the convenient foods industry and become a major player. While this ideology may seem futile and laughable to many, it seemed to click well with Krayd who saw enthusiastic entrepreneurs thsatire essay outlineat were eager to break new grounds in an already competitive market.

Understanding the likes of the competition involved, the approach was to create a brand that catered to customers who could connect with it on a more emotional level keeping in mind something that also symbolized simplicity, quality and trust.

The Brand Kraytion

Having already established the competitors in the market, the thought process involved was to create a brand focused on the idea of ‘make-it-yourself’ foods, but also boasted an emotional appeal. Fully aware of the ability to start from scratch, we made complete use of the creative freedom involved to create something memorable.

Fully understanding the idea of using an emotional pull, we concluded that nothing brought about such a positive feeling about cooking as much as a mother’s home cooked food. So we turned the clock and realized nobody ever makes it quite like a mother’s preparation. A home cooked meal is always the best. Thus came about the concept of “momsmade” which blended the idea of making your own food, just like a mother does.

Keeping in mind the products to be sold in the form of ready-made mixes, the brand concept revolves around the idea of trying to make something yourself using simplicity and a hint of symbolism. While preparing food can be complex, we focused on how easy the product makes your task.

Making It Work

Having understood the ideology of the brands positioning, we created a brand that was easy on the eyes and relatable. We kept in mind the various mediums through which such a brand could be promoted in the form of print, digital and more importantly packaging.

Using the right amount imagination, we strived to create a brand based on what it felt like to cook for the first time. We created a brand that was unique in its presentation, symbolizing the need to make something just the way mom does it. It’s not perfect, but that’s what makes it just the right kind of perect.