The Partnership

Open Out is a social platform with a difference. Unlike other applications which will just show you others in the area, Open Out lets you create unique public and private meet-ups through which fixed numbers of people can attend. It is in effect a seamless combination of a social application and a meet-up platform created with an angle of security in mind. The entire concept of the application is built around the two words – Open (when a user organizes a meet-up) and Out (when a user attends a meet-up).

Open Out engaged Krayd to design the brand identity and mobile application, both of which would be at the core of the company’s business model.

The Brand Ideation

Krayd started the brand ideation from the two main elements of the product – Open and Out, and that’s where the entire brand has evolved from. In detailed discussions with the Open Out team, Krayd understood their vision of showcasing the actions of creating and attending meet-ups as two separate components that come together to create the entire Open Out ecosystem. Taking inspiration from the brief, the logo evolved as a set of curved arrows in different colors and directions to show the clear differences between creating and attending events, but both arrows emerge from each other, showcasing that the synergy of people coming together is the premise and the aim of the company.

The pop colors used in the logo extend through the entire UI of the app to evoke a feeling of fun, camaraderie and collaboration. The app itself was designed with simplicity and process in mind, and is dominated by white and the brand colors. Since the concept is new, the app was also conceptualized to be highly explanatory so that users could easily navigate their way through creating, joining and browsing through different Opens.

Making It Work

Krayd created the entire brand design and strategy for Open Out, including the logo, branding guidelines and marketing collateral. We also worked closely with the Open Out team to design the UI for the application, which is the most important element of the product offering.