The Partnership

The idea behind the RefYaar team’s concept was a commendable one. To grant people with access to the right jobs using a referral system. We understood and more importantly admired the concept overall as it seemed to align with the philosophy of the team at Refyaar.

The team at Refyaar believed in the ideals of effective communications between parties and worked with Krayed to create a brand that was unique and fitting of the very concept of the referral system ecosystem.

The Brand Kraytion

The team at Refyaar believed in showcasing a brand that was unique and more importantly, communicated the very idea behind the process. This was integral towards the ideation phases and was therefore incorporated within the branding.

The overall branding made use of text as well as proximity. Having understood that the basic process worked around effective communication, the same was incorporated into the overall brand. This is highly evident in the alphabets “A” within the name which is highly stylized to showcase conversation between two people or in this case a referral.

Making heavy use of such symbolism within the branding, we believed that the idea seemed to be quite descriptive on its own.

Making It Work

Having been able to successfully communicate the process that drives the brand, we were able to design a variety of branding elements that added to an extension of the brand.

We worked towards creating a branding that fully accommodated branding collateral, stationary, web design as well as mobile application UI/UX. With this in mind, we were able to effectively create a unique brand that fully expressed the idea behind Refyaar in terms of design and brand communication.

Krayting happy faces

The transformation of just an idea about a new venture, scribbled in a notepad, to tangible reality; capturing exactly what we had in mind…was only made possible by Krayd team!

The team brought our design to life, echoing the essence of what we believed in. We loved the attention to detail and the patience to incorporate the multitude of tweaks we insisted on!

Cheers guys, and looking forward to working with you again in the near future!