The Partnership

Technology companies focusing upon the healthcare sector are among the most innovative of this and possibly the next decade, with some exciting products and technologies always making the news. One such exciting company is Resolve Digital Health, which focuses on providing technology solutions to the cannabis industry, focusing on providing the best support to cannabis patients.

Resolve engaged Krayd to design a brand identity for them that would include elements of energy, health, life, kindness, technology, advancement and care. This brand identity would then be extended to the company’s many sub-brands and product offerings.

The Brand Ideation

The brief from Resolve’s CEO when we met their team was very clear – they wanted their logo to engrave the name of the brand in the mind of the potential consumer. Starting with that brief, we chose the first letter of the brand’s name – the letter “R” as the central point of the brand’s identity. Working from there, we created a grid of circles with the first letter at the center, showcasing Resolve as the creator of a “Pulse” or a “Beat” that extends outwards and positively influences everyone around, and that is the key vision of Resolve.

We also worked closely with Resolve’s team of experts to choose the colors of the logo, right down to the exact shade of blue which made the final cut. The entire brand identity is based on an element of comfort, class, safety as well as technological advancement, all represented by the color blue.

Making It Work

The unique thing about the engagement with Resolve was it was just the starting point of a much larger branding effort. This meant that the Resolve branding had to be easily extendable to multiple sub-brands and products. Resolve has recently launched its first product, a smart inhaler for medical marijuana – Breeze . Breeze’s branding has been derived from the parent brand Resolve, and the Breeze logo is effectively created from elements of the Resolve logo, showcasing Resolve as the ideal holding brand.

We designed the end-to-end branding identity and marketing collateral for Resolve, which includes the logo, marketing stationary, advertisements and videos, all focused on life and health enabled by technology.

Krayting happy faces

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