The Partnership

The folks at Inc42 along with the minds at Krayd share a similar philosophy; that innovation is growth and brings a positive growth for the future. While this may not completely apply directly in terms of what we do, we could certainly relate to it on some level.

The startup culture in India has seen a tremendous growth over the past couple of years, something we’re proud to have also been a part of. It’s not easy to make a name for yourself today and the junction’s aim was to do just that. Provide the platform for startups to bring about their own innovations for the world to see.

In short, become a catalyst to drive new innovation to the world. This is something we couldn’t say no to.

The Brand Kraytion

The idea was quite simple with regards to this. To bring about elements that swiftly combined the name and the very essence of what really made the idea of the name. The minds at Inc42 gave us the creative freedom to make something different with this. So we began thinking about what truly defined this event.

The idea of branding revolved around the very word meant. A junction is a place of convergence. This provided the basis of how we intended to go about designing it. Combining simple design elements, we brought together a set of lines that formed a typical junction that one can see on a map.

Combining the alphabets “T” and “J”, we were able to come up with a simple design that fully communicated the idea of converging at a single spot much like your typical traffic junction.

Making It Work

Intended to be an event solely focused on innovation, we kept in mind a brand design that would work well with websites, posters, physical invitations and work collateral. Making use of darker tones in the form of blue and magenta, we believed the colors added more flair to the idea of innovation and intelligence.

Working hand in hand with the team at Inc42, we delivered a brand that was simple, yet communicated complexity in the form of bringing together innovative minds that could potentially change the world for the better. Something we could one day be incredibly proud of.