The Partnership

The domestic market for sexual wellness products in India is valued at over Rs 2000 crore. While many would turn away from such a thought in shame, it didn’t apply to the folks at Turn me on who saw this opportunity as a goldmine. Boasting a team of young entrepreneurs willing to take a few risks, turn me on aims to deliver the best in quality sexual wellness while adding a little flair to it.

Krayd was approached by Turn me on to create a form of branding that’s in tune with the modern times, but also speaks out loud. The brand was always intended to push new boundaries and reflect the modern day sex culture.

The Brand Kraytion

Having previously worked with the representatives, there was a deep level of trust involved that allowed krayd to fully build the brand from scratch. A branding opportunity that krayd was fully willing to return in kind.

Krayd understood the thinking that was required to be involved in the conceptualization process. The team wanted a branding that spoke the idea of sex both literally and creatively. Something that consumers could identify with easily but at the same time, remember.

With that in mind, Krayd focused on one-liners that spoke “sex”, but not directly. The key here was to deliver a brand that brought in sexual elements and basic creativity. Making heavy use of text and symbolism, the style of the text was intended to convey a smooth yet sensual flow making use of proximity among the elements. Thus, the aim was to draw a thin line between being sexy and being creative.

Making It Work

With the Sexual wellness industry having only recently picked up, the risk of such marketing could be high. But having a full backing from those willing to take such risks, krayd was able to design something that pushed the boundaries of communication through branding, albeit in a subtle manner using a very effective sense of symbolism and more importantly, creativity.

Keeping in mind that such a logo wouldn’t be applicable for all forms, Krayd designed the brand with regards to the limited form of promotional content already available. Business cards, Apps, Websites and even posters can help bring about substantial amounts of business. The idea of making it work is to ensure that customers see, establish and finally retain.